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We have six rooms at Escape Hunt Durban split into three different adventures or themes.  Each has an exciting and different storyline, theme and decor.  Each adventure has an entirely different set of puzzles and codes so you can come back to play our other rooms later and still enjoy the experience.

Can we play against each other in different adventures?  Our six game rooms are separate but are “twinned” into three pairs with the same mystery to solve to allow for two teams to compete against each other.  This way you can book as a group of up to 10 people, split into two groups and then compete against each other. So if you have an urge to compete, try it, it’s great fun as we start the countdown timer at exactly the same moment – up to 30 people!

Lost in Time:  Treasure Hunters, you have been hired by a rich philanthropist to travel back in time to retrieve a family heirloom that was lost with the collapse of his ancestors tomb in the 1950’s.  However, due to a fault in the time machine, you have only been sent back 60 minutes before the collapse of the tomb. The clock is ticking….your mission is to find the treasure within the 60 minutes and avoid being buried alive !

Rampage of the Ripper: The scene is set in the 1888’s. Players you are famous detectives investigating mysterious killings of the most dangerous and wanted serial killer of all time. Having stumbled across the potential secret hideout of Jack the Ripper, you decide investigate whilst he is out. Detectives, you have to work fast…you only have 60 minutes to find a piece of evidence that can prove your findings….and avoid becoming the Rippers next victim !

The Dangerous Escape: Mr Roberts, and avid watch collector has been murdered and his precious Golden fob watch stolen…. As former detectives, you have been wrongly accused of this crime and have been sent to a famous prison on an island. While awaiting trial, you realize that all is not what it seems……prisoners are being called into the doctors office and have since disappeared. Detectives, you only have 60 minutes to escape your cell and investigate the infirmary in the hopes of solving the mysterious disappearances, whilst finding evidence that will clear your names…. all before the guards return for their hourly rounds.